The Cathedral of St.John the Divine is one of the mankind's most remarkable structures. Although only two thirds completed it's the worlds largest Gothic Cathedral. The distance from the West End to the Eastern Tiffany windowed chapel is 601 feet. Only St Peters in Rome is longer at 604 feet. However The vista in St. Johns is unobstructed because St. Peters is organized to center beneath its dome instead of embracing the liner option at St. Johns.

A survey of arriving visitors reveals that over 60% exclaim "Oh my God" when they first view the buildings interior. The church is built on the highest point in New York City and is arguably the best constructed (stone on stone except the roof elements which are steel.)

The rose window at the west end is the largest in the United States and it's organ contains the worlds most famous organ stop (State Trumpet) which startles visitors when its sounded.

Once a year the Cathedral hosts the world famous blessing of the animals (feast of St.Francis) where a choir of 1,000 sings, dance company's perform and the famous Paul Winters consort plays to a congregation of 6,000 (admission by pass only.) Exotic animals including (from time to time) an elephant process down the aisle. All are blessed by the Bishop of New York.

Obviously St. Johns should be seen by all.

With the exception of the image of a bishop's ordination all of these photos were taken by me.