I have published here what I feel is the best of my library of over 10,000 photos (digital and film based.) collected historical illustrations and my computer based imagery.

I have included the material on 277 Park Avenue because this structure was the ultimate manifestation of the luxury multi family apartment building. To the best of my knowledge there was and is nothing like it. At one time I hoped to write a Wikapedia entry for this structure but to much is lost. What you see here is all that remains less the 60 years after the buildings demolition.

With the exception of the 277 Park Avenue research material every picture here displays in one way or another my response to a given event. Sometimes its motion/change other times meaningful massing of objects and many times just the lighting which makes something special out of the ordinary.

I use a Nikon D-300 for almost all of my serious shooting and I capture the image in RAW format. The RAW format enables the original bit matrix off the card to be manipulated with an assortment of graphics applications. Something which (hopefully) is out of the ordinary!

In summary everything here resounds (to me anyway) as an image which produces (in me) an emotional response.

Obviously these gallerys are very much a work in progress and I will expand and create new ones as the opportunity offers.